Phone ki storage khali kaise karen


Phone ki storage khali kaise karen

Phone ki storage khali kaise karen

You are running out of memory storage space and want to clear up some space.The manufacturer says your phone has 128 GB storage but you want to know how much memory is actually available to you for your apps,music and stuff.A simple overview of your storage space clearly showing how much memory is available for your apps and files.How many apps are installed and how much space is occupied by apps? Convenient links for uninstalling apps and clearing the cache and storage occupied by apps.

The Features of storage cleaning App

Best app for free up ing the external storage when I was low in storage to update this help in free up so much storage like 79% to 40% so. Best up I recommend for you guys.This app showed me where 80GB of clutter were and saved me from having to buy another phone. A big thank you.
  • Delete and remove duplicate photo files.
  • Remove duplicate mp3, mp4 and music audio files.
  • Remove duplicate video files.
  • Remove Duplicate Documents.
  • Remove other duplicate files: .zip , .apk, .rar.

What Does mean by storage cleaning App

Cache, ram, junk clean master" is a tool for Android phones, which helps users to optimize system memory, free up memory, free up Ram, clean cache, clean junk files and redundant files, unused files, and log files to speed up your phone, a tool to quickly cool down your phone and CPU to extend battery life. As a reliable and easy-to-use internet speed meter and test, internet speed is displayed in 15-20 seconds on WiFi or mobile connections 5G, 4G LTE, HSPA +, 3G.

How to Download storage cleaning App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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