Phone ki niche naam likh ke chowka do


Phone ki niche naam likh ke chowka do

Phone ki niche naam likh ke chowka do 

I love this app because I can customize the navigation bar to make that look good. I'm very happy with this app. You can use it while watching a YouTube video. Because,some sets which don't have navigation buttons have to struggle to navigate. But by this app,you can easily use the bar anywhere,anytime. Though I always use the default one.This is the only navigation bar with long press that I could find that still works on Android 12. It can be placed over the existing navigation bar. Most will appear above the existing bar. Biggest issue is you can't make the bar vertical and in a different position in landscape mode. Also it appears on the lock screen / always on display.

The Features of Navigation Bar customization App

Navigation Bar for Android” application can replace a failed and broken button for those people who has trouble using buttons or navigation bar panel is not working properly.This application can also replace on-screen navigation bar and add more function such as long press the button to do some action.This app provides several features and colors to make awesome navigation bar.
It is easy to swipe up and down navigation bar as assistive touch.
  • Ability to move navigation bar to anywhere on screen.
  • Functions: Home, Back, Recent.
  • Ability to change navigation bar with background and button color.
  • Ability to set navigation bar size with width and height.
  • Ability to Set vibrate on touch.
  • 31 Themes Available.
  • Long press action for back, home, recent buttons.

What Does mean by Navigation Bar customization App

Smart navigation bar app on playstore makes android navigation bar an amazed navbars with navbar animations & energy bar on android navbar.Custom Navigation Bar application which helps you to change your navigation bar while using your mobile. You can customize navigation bar with different navbar animation. Navigation bar animation app provide 500+ animation on navbar.

How to Download Navigation Bar customization App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

App Link - 

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