Apne Phone me computer kaise use kare


Apne Phone me computer kaise use kare

Apne Phone me computer kaise use kare

Turn your phone to computer : pc emulator is a mobile app that enables you to turn your smart phone to a computer by giving you the ability to use it like a computer (for office, programmation, games etc..). It is a file explorer, designed to support multiple tabs and windows.Besides, you can store your documents, and programs in the app storage, modify your mails or files, creating new document, playing computer games, sharing files,In general, it changes the home page from smartphone icons to computer home page and then you can use your mini computer app.

The Features of Turn your phone to computer App

My Computer Theme Mobile File Explorer for your Mobiles.It's amazing feature like browse, cut, copy, paste, delete, send files.The File manger while browsing feels like your computer file explorer.You have an option for application manager and you can launch from this explorer,app search feature is there and also one touch to take all apps backup to the mobile.
  • Quick to open Music, Picture, Videos, Documents, Download files by folder wise.
  • Application Launcher with search fields.
  • Net Work information from this app.
  • Set different type of themes for "My Computer Mobile Explorer" with different type of text colors
  • Create New Folder/Directory, Search file option for your files.
  • Display Memory Space,available Space and also Shows number of file item.folder in folder including date of created folder.
  • Different type of explorer view like tiles,Thumbs,List like desktop folder view.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Info of all files.

What Does mean by Turn your phone to computer App

It is a amazing app to learn everything about computer My rates are full out of full 💯 one more thing it do not contain any kind of adds in this. Thank you so much this app realy help me a lot to learn computer.Vey useful app, its help me to remind all part of computer, and step by step procedure for repormating PC, and also there have a parts of computer,computer storage,keyboard shortcuts, but can you add the installation and burning hard drive?.

How to Download Turn your phone to computer App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

App Link - 

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