How to Recover deleted messages in WhatsApp App


How to Recover deleted messages in WhatsApp App

How to Recover deleted messages in WhatsApp App

This application will help to download videos, status and View deleted message. It's also allow to repost photo video to your friends without saving it. View Deleted Messages Easily for Whatsapp or Other selected apps. Video Downloader for Facebook and Instagram. Text and Image Quotes functionality is also available in this app. Chat Through Number : Message or Call without saving number in contacts using WhatsApp public API.

The Features of Recover deleted messages in WhatsApp

This app is good, you can view deleted messages, save and download whatsapp status, set "quates status or text Status. But, you cannot download video from iinstagram! It always says that an error has occured when you paste the link and click on "Download".
  • Restore WhatsApp Messages and Media.
  • Save Statues , Videos Images of any kind.
  • earch for deleted text and media messages.
  • Easily configure in seconds.
  • Detects when a text message or a media gets deleted.
  • Restore deleted text messages.
  • Status Downloader and Status Saver.

What Does mean by Recover deleted messages in WhatsApp

Restore helps you from Last seen and double check tick to Unseen Message. Whenever you received a chat notification from your Chat app at the same it will also display on Restore Notification. You can read Chat Message from Restore app, No one has to know that you have seen it. It's unseen for them. Message Sender will not notice that you have already read the message. No blue check tick will show to the sender or friends.

How to Download Recover deleted messages in WhatsApp App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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