Who touched my phone App


Who touched my phone App

Who touched my phone App 

Application will record those who will use your phone using the front camera in the background mode, invisibly for user. You will see who, when and what did to your favorite device while it is not under your attention.Best app ever it works 100% and if you put finger on camera so camera app will show black screen but this app quality is good  and we can see deeply and it was great app ever for security.

The Features of Who touched my phone App

It is a nice app but if you will change it a bit, I will give you the 6 stars. It should record the audio and vedio of the person. This app just clicks the pictures. So , please fix this problem. Overall it's a wonderful app.
  • Open app and click the button. Then close the app and lock your device.
  • User unlocked device or tried to do it. The application starts recording a report (photo, list of launched apps).
  • Device screen goes out. App saves report. And so on.
  • User tries to unlock device several times. App saves report.
  • Browse your reports in app. Set up sync with the cloud.

What Does mean by Who touched my phone App

Best app ever. You would know who touched your phone but there is one problem. It dosen't shows you the location of the person.Application allows you to find out, who took your phone without a permission.Being activated, it will take a photo of anybody, who unlock your phone.Discover who was that — your friend, wife or curious baby? Nobody will be unnoticed.Images taken are not displayed in public Gallery.

How to Download Who touched my phone App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

App Download link - 

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