Best Time lock App 2022


Best Time lock App 2022

Best Time lock App 2022

All of the other App Lock applications provide just PIN and Pattern lock options to lock your apps and vault. Most of the time, our friends and colleagues can guess our PIN or Pattern by peeping over our shoulder a few times. Are your friends, colleagues, and family members guessing your PIN frequently? We provide the Ultra Lock app to solve your problem.Hours and Minutes PIN: This option sets the current hours and minutes as your lock screen PIN. For example, if the current time is 10:50 AM, then your lock screen PIN will be 1050. Since hours and minutes in the cellphone changes every minute, your PIN will also change every minute. The best part is, you needn't remember the ever-changing PIN.

The Features of Time lock App

For each and every app ads are coming. It was irrelevant... Disturbing except that it was good. Please take that in action not to get the ads.Sir I like this ultra app lock App so much. Thank you sir for giving and install this app in my new vivo 4g mobile. Please Sir, as soon as possible also given to me real corona virus checker device scanner app. I need and want this app. Because nowadays corona virus can increases day to day India, World. Thank you sir.
  • Background: pick a wallpaper for both the locker and your device background.
  • Zipper style: customize the zipper tab to match your background or make it stand out.
  • Row style: choose the style of your zipper with different color and shape.
  • Font style: all the information displayed on your zipper lock screen can be changed with the font design that you like.
  • Each time you modify something you can also click "Preview" to see how it will look when Ultra lock screen is activated.

What Does mean by Time lock App

Also Ultra lock screen has a preview option so you can see all the changes you made and fine tune the design of the locker. This option makes it very easy to use the app, because you don’t have to make a change then exit, see if you like it and the come back to settings. You can do everything right here inside the app.

How to Download Time lock App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

App Download link -  

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