WaLog - Online Last Seen Tracker for WhatsApp


WaLog - Online Last Seen Tracker for WhatsApp

WaLog - Online Last Seen Tracker for WhatsApp

Are your kids hanging out on WhatsApp instead of sleeping at night? So how much time do they spend on WhatsApp? You can receive notifications whenever they are online and offline. You can follow your kids last seen. With detailed analysis, you can see the most online times during the day. With the time table, you can see when and how long you were online during the day. You can compare the time your child is online using the compare feature.Respected sir, Sir I used this app. Really nice. As I am already used in welog app in my old mobile as Samsung j5 prime. So, that mobile is pbm. So I bought a new mobile as same Samsung. So I premied already 3 month pack. Then, I used near by 1 month. Last 2 weeks not having mobile so I am not show any notifications from welog. So Now I ask for, I bought new phone, in this phone balance 2 months pack of premium will be credit in my mob of urself sir This is my humble request sir.

The Features of WaLog - Online Last Seen Tracker for WhatsApp

I had issue in first day of My subscription and complained them here & on email.. Thankfully it was their software glitch which has been resolved by Developer and now it's working 100 % okay to that level that even if someone is has logged in for a second also it is being recorded in log.. Super Work & thanks for quick response & resolution.
  • Online/Offline notifications.
  • Free trial.
  • There are many options to add family members.
  • Our team is always ready to serve you with 24/7 full support.
  • Compare for two different numbers.
  • Safe use.
  • Detailed analysis.
  • Detailed reports.

What Does mean by WaLog - Online Last Seen Tracker for WhatsApp

Works Great There is about 1 min delay of when someone actually logs off of watsapp that you get a notification that they left. It may appear in walog that they are still online but if you go into watsapp...it will reflect the time they were on last...meaning that they are no longer on the app. So just be mindful of that. It's pretty accurate on sending you a notice of when they log on.

How to Download WaLog - Online Last Seen Tracker for WhatsApp

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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