StreamKar - Live Streaming, Live Chat App Review


StreamKar - Live Streaming, Live Chat App Review

StreamKar - Live Streaming, Live Chat App Review

StreamKar is Live Streaming app for Video calls with people and make friends. StreamKar is a live video streaming social Application. It allows you to live stream your special moments.Full of surprises with random chats, funny photos and short videos, and group live chat.Its realy a good application smooth and easy to use and for connecting to new peoples.It's really a good application .it works smoothly and quickly so that I give five stars to it.Amazing app thanks to stramkar to part of my life hear I got lots fo true friends with them I can spend my free time an enjoy the time.

The Features of StreamKar - Live Streaming, Live Chat App

You can join StreamKar from anywhere in the world and be a part of Live Videos Fun and enjoy the live games. Anyone can show his Special talent among your friends and world and be famous. Singing, dancing, eating, chatting, traveling and gaming can be shown to anyone. Link your account Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ now.
  • Spotlight: Show off your special skills to the world.
  • Joyful and addictive games like Ali Baba’s cave, treasure hunt, SK Derby and much more.
  • SK SQUAD: Now you can make a chat group with your SK friends.
  • PK Matches: Most interesting Live PK game.

What Does mean by StreamKar - Live Streaming, Live Chat App

 Our streamers can go online and fund your dreams by being talents. Thousands of people, have found a way support themselves and their family using our app. We are very proud of them and want all of our users to see StreamKar as a dream maker. StreamKar creates a safe environment where our users, can feel safe and not be harassed or abused. StreamKar employs a 24 hour monitoring service and strict content filtering to enforce our rules and make sure that people can, above all, HAVE FUN.

How to Download StreamKar - Live Streaming, Live Chat App

Become VIP and show others your value by getting extra features. Like badges rank boost. Video audio calls.Be the guardian for your favorite friend on StreamKar.Vote for your favorite streamer and make him or her win by sending gifts. Looser has to complete a dare. You make any dare to her and see live.Treasure Hunt. Try your luck. Many surprising gifts for you by opening bronze Silver and gold chests.

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