AutoResponder for WhatsApp App Download


AutoResponder for WhatsApp App Download

AutoResponder for WhatsApp App Download 

Automatically respond to custom received WhatsApp or WA Business messages with this bot. You have a lot of settings to customize each auto reply for your needs. Download now for free.Tips & tricks: Update WhatsApp messenger to the latest version if the bot doesn't auto reply for you. In case the beta update doesn't work anymore, please contact me. Works with WhatsApp Business. Notification access: This tool doesn't directly access WhatsApp, it replies to notifications.Mine stops after an hour of inactivity and yes I upgraded to the premium version. This is frustrating. Don't tell me to check that because I have and everything is in place, yet it keeps stopping.

The Features of AutoResponder for WhatsApp App Download

this app is good. but when someone sent a message, the robot will repeat the message. 😑 I want to turn off text repeater 🔁.. the bot keep spamming our customers if we don't turn off text repeater. can you please enable it? anyway, this app is still good.
  • Auto-reply to WhatsApp or WA Business.
  • Individually customizable.
  • Many automation tools included.
  • React to all messages when you're busy.
  • Send replies to specific messages.
  • Welcome message for new chats.
  • Live answer replacements (time, name...).
  • Multiple replies in one rule.
  • Works with contacts, groups and unknown numbers.
  • Ignore and specify contacts and groups.

What Does mean by AutoResponder for WhatsApp App Download

Lovely app and features but it would be nice to have options to send the auto reply but keep the messages as unread and also to be able to exempt some contacts from the auto reply. I'm reserving the remaining 2 stars for these options. They will be good reasons for me to go Premium.Awesome, I run a small business, use WhatsApp a lot. This has made my life easy. 80% of questions are answered automatically, my customers are very impressed with the instant responses they get. Thanks Whatsauto team, you have done a great job.

How to Download AutoResponder for WhatsApp App Download

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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